The Archer Model

Archer is committed to providing cleantech energy supply solutions that generate the potential for corporate earnings and achieve reduced carbon outputs. These solutions may include wind, solar, hydro and power storage. Archer will deliver electrical energy generation, through the leasing of land suitable for renewable resource and project development from prefeasibility through to feasibility and eventually operations. Post feasibility Archer may engage in financing project development and build out, disposition, or joint venturing with strategic partners. Archer has a very disciplined approach to project development activities, based on more than 200 years of combined management team development expertise. 

Mission Statement

Investing in the Development of Renewable Energy Projects

Corporate Vision

The Company is primarily a “Project Generator” and will achieve sustainable and significant revenue growth and profitability by advancing projects through various stages of development.

The Archer Advantage

Archer Cleantech is currently focused on a high growth industry within regions of high margins. With our proven successful team of over 200 years experience, a repeatable business model, and our first contract secured, Archer hopes to continue on this path of success.

Business Development Strategy

When done right, renewable energy development offers one of the most compelling risk-reward trade-offs in the energy value chain. However, not all companies are able to consistently create the right mix of capital access, disciplined capital management, and development expertise to create value from a rapidly evolving industry. For those with the right mix, the development business model offers strong returns.

Archer now has two main renewable energy business segments that the “Project Generator” model will be applied to:

  • Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Projects
  • Caribbean Commercial Renewable Energy Projects
Social Responsibility

Archer Cleantech Inc. strives to be a leader in sustainable development throughout all our renewable energy development activities. This commitment is integral to our leadership, management systems, client engagement, and partners.

We seek to protect the environments where we work and contribute positively to the communities in which we work, live, and manage operations.

Head Office
3079 Ourtoland Road
Kelowna, BC
V1Z 2J3

Phone: +1.587.390.3059