360 Solar Tower

Small Footprint with High Impact Results

The world’s first commercial solar tower!

Adaptive Solutions for utility scale solar farms

An innovative vertical solar tower concept:

  • Installs adjacent to homes, retail, and industry
  • Locates close to end users minimizing line-loss & maximizing output delivery
  • Designed to withstand extreme wind and seismic loads
  • Patent-pending design
  • Increased power output through passive heat dissipation (stack effect air flow)
  • Increased power output from reflective and direct light (subject to location / orientation)

Solar Tower Extras

EV Charging Stations

  • EV Charging can be co-located with towers to provide clean renewable power for charging

Telecom Equipment

  • Space on the towers can be rented to telecom providers, or broadband wireless can be added to generate revenue as a local internet service provider

Integrated Battery Storage

  • From small battery solutions inside the tower up to 3.5 MW BESS adjacent addition

Vertical Solar Structures


  • Build up to 80’ high
  • Up to 165 panels – More than 80 kW per tower!
  • Foundation dimensions: 30’ x 30’
  • Can also be installed on piles instead of concrete pad to suit site conditions
Super Tower (47’ x 47’ , 120’ tall)

  • Designed for 350+ kWp rated installed power
  • Optimally designed for large scale industrial solar farms
  • Over 25,000 square feet of internal space for inclusion of battery storage, IT equipment, crypto mining servers, etc.

Large Tower (43’ x 43’ , 120’ tall)

  • Designed for 250+ kWp rated installed power
  • Optimally designed for large scale industrial solar farms
  • Designed to store 3.5 MW of Baseline Energy Storage Systems and other forms of energy storage (pumped hydro, etc)
Additional Options:

  • Backup Power Generation Systems
  • Security Camera and Alarm Systems
  • Interior and Exterior LED Lighting
  • Area Lightning Protection
  • Vertical Farming Adaptations

Medium Tower (43’ x 43’ , 80’ tall)

  • Designed for 200+ kWp rated installed power
  • Ideal for self-contained, off-grid, commercial interconnections
  • Suitable for stand-alone EV Charging facilities with >99% uptime reliability

Telecom Tower (17’ x 17’ , 80’ tall)

  • Ideal for telecommunications systems that require self-sustainability
  • Can include internal Shelter in Place habitat, tool cabinets, or other enclosures for additional cost
  • Able for fitting with lighting, security, and other features

Mini Tower (12’ x 12’ , 60’ tall)

  • Suitable for telecommunications installations requiring modular power
  • Can be fitted with tool storage and other small enclosures
  • Add auxiliary systems, security, lighting, and automation


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